Voting closes @ 5pm on Saturday, 20th April

Forest owners voted in 2013 for all plantation forest owners to contribute to a fund that would support the expanding plantation forest industry.

The first levy vote was in 2013 and set the levy for six years (2014 until the end of 2019). This second levy vote will decide whether the levy will continue from 19 November 2019 for another six years, and with an increase in levy range of 24c to 33c to provide additional flexibility if required. The current range is 27c to 30c.

As was the eligibility in the first referendum, plantation forest owners who could harvest their trees within the life of the levy are the ones eligible to vote. If you know people who are growing trees for harvest, tell them about the levy vote.

The vote is an opportunity for plantation forest owners to say whether the levy should be renewed for another six years.

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